Keyence VHX 7100

Keyence VHX 7100

Our VHX 7100 measuring microscopes offer a wide range of measuring options.

The very high depth of field makes it easy to examine any object. Lenses, cameras, and graphics cards offer an optimal balance between depth of field and brightness.

This allows objects to be viewed at very high magnification, measurements to be taken for a variety of analysis processes, and millions of images to be stored thanks to the high memory capacity.

2D and 3D measurements can be performed at any time live or using stored images. In addition, advanced measurements such as residual dirt analyses, grain size analyses, or roughness measurements are also possible.

The smallest surface differences are visualized and provided with height colors. The true color information is superimposed over the optical shadow effect mode to enable the simultaneous display of uneven surface and true color information. The display of an uneven surface with height colors facilitates the evaluation.

With the Teaching function, repeated measurements can be performed automatically on objects of identical construction. Magnification and illumination settings as well as three-dimensional coordinates are automatically reproduced.

The Multi-Lighting function automatically detects different types of lighting at the touch of a button. A suitable image can then be selected to view the data. This eliminates the need to repeatedly adjust the illumination settings to obtain a clear image.

The HDR function captures multiple images with different exposure times to obtain an image with high color gradation. This enables high-resolution viewing with high contrast.

On an overview image of the object, users can simply click on the area they want to view. The object stage is then automatically moved to the selected position and depth composition is performed until a depth-sharp image of the area is created. All manual adjustments have been shortened, greatly reducing the time and effort required for viewing.

The Panorama function automatically composes high-resolution partial images in rendering. Composition can take place over large areas and be used to create a gapless overview of the entire object. Image composition can handle up to 50,000 pixels both vertically and horizontally.

By capturing multiple images while moving the object stage, 3D data acquisition and image composition can be performed simultaneously. This creates a 3D representation of the object. In addition, surface irregularities can also be measured.

A wide range of auxiliary tools also supports you in your 2D measurements. A variety of measurements can be performed in real time, such as measurements of the distance between two points, angles, diameters, parallel lines, or area measurements. After the image has been saved in an album, it can be measured again at any time.

The VHX-7000 model series enables residual dirt analyses to be carried out in accordance with the ISO 16232 and VDA 19 cleanliness standards for the automotive industry. High depth of field images taken with a high-resolution microscope can be analyzed. This enables accurate measurements even for objects with uneven surfaces.

When a specific contaminant area is selected in a region of the filter, the stage automatically moves to that area. The magnification can be easily increased to allow detailed viewing, simplifying the process of identifying foreign particles and making operations more efficient.

Thanks to the intuitive operation, area measurements and calculations can be performed within a specified area on the object. Areas that are not needed can be excluded and overlapping segments can be separated.

Grain sizes can be determined and analyzed according to ASTM E1382 and DIN EN ISO 643. The measurement results can be easily saved as an image or evaluation. It is also possible to create measurement templates, which not only saves time but also creates reproducibility.



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Keyence VHX 7100