Precious Metals

Precious Metals

For years, our institute has focused on the analysis of the eight precious metals. Special attention has been paid to the quantitative analysis of osmium. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of the precious metals was extended to most of the elements of the periodic table using the latest laboratory technology.

We prioritize analysis of tangible assets in the field of critical metals, refractory metals, and the analysis of ores.

There is also a specialization for surface and depth analysis under coatings of jewelry and alloys. Material analysis is crucial whenever the authenticity of precious metals is brought into question. False gold bars have been found containing tungsten cores, and many a silver piece has turned out to be silver-coated cadmium.

We commit ourselves and our technology to a counterfeit-free precious metal market. You can use this service equally as a company and as a private individual.



analysis of precious metals


In the analysis of precious metals for you, we can safely and quickly determine:

  • Alloy contents
  • Purity of the base metal of an alloy
  • Jewelry authenticity
  • Contents of individual precious metals
  • Surface coatings
  • Core metals of ingots under coatings
  • Cross sections of objects from precious metals
  • Analysis of multiple coatings
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Precious Metals